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If you are about to retire or your friend or loved ones are going to retire, you may wish to express retirement sentiment in some tangible way. You may choose to talk to them about their experiences at work and what they look forward to in their retirement. For yourself, you may want to start planning for your retirement. How about throwing a retirement party? It's a great idea to share your retirement sentiment.  If you need a Fidelity 401k calculator you can find one here.

A great idea would be to take a holiday together to launch a retiree's new found freedom to travel. Lasting memories will be had during a trip, vacation or cruise that you and your loved ones have always wanted to take. A family or a group of friends can organize a vacation as a retirement sentiment for you or your loved ones. This may be to a location that they have longed to go to for a long time.

A scrapbook is another great retirement sentiment and it's a good hobby to pick up after your retirement. It can include photos from family events and vacations, mementos from those special events, and each person in the family could write a special thanks or funny story on one of the pages featuring their picture.

A final thought on a great retirement sentiment for yourself is something simple like a complete family photo. Isn't it lovely to have a portrait of all your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren together. Place the picture in a beautiful frame and it will be treasured forever.

Retirement Sentiments For A Friend

If it is not you but your friend who is going to retire, a great retirement sentiment for a friend who is about to retire is to get him or her something related to his interests or hobbies. They can include how-to books, suitable equipment or tools, enrollment vouchers for courses or vacations related to them. Retirement sentiments for friends may not be as elaborate as those that you would consider for your parents. There may be exceptional friendships that might warrant a similar effort and thoughtfulness. The friend referred to here may also be a coworker. So the same retirement sentiments may apply. Organizing a party may be a great way to express retirement sentiment for a friend.

Leaving a lasting retirement sentiment must be meaningful and thoughtful. Otherwise the entire effort spent is totally worthless. Anybody can detect insincerity; no matter how hard you try to hide the fact. The best retirement sentiments leave a lasting impression and demonstrate to the person how special they are to everyone around them.